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Shanghai Haisheng Auto pares Co.,Ltd
ADDR:1926,Caoangong Rd,Shanghai
ADDR:Xinmin Industrial Area,Yangshan Rd,Chang'an County,
Haining City, Zhejiang Province
Company Introdution
  Shanghai Haisheng Auto pares Co.,Ltd is to produce a sale type business enterprise, and the company starts to set up in 2004 and passes several years of effort and has become to have the technique of the certain scale a creative type a business enterprise now.
   The company’s main products includes brake pad, brake disc, clutch, powder metallurgy product and etc. The company takes “Hisenda” as a predominant brand and has successfully developed three greatest systems which are non-asbestos half metal slice system, NAO system and high level porcelain car brake system. Combining with a strong molding tool design and process ability, it can now product molds that agree with more than 1000 car types. It can also satisfy local class-one kit, second maintenance market and foreign trade. The clutches that we produced have good quality. With an annual output of more than 2 million sets, our company has become a major supplier for the domestic large-scale machinery giants.
   We guarantee the quality by full devotion, and remain vibrate in the market on the principle of honesty. We will further the corporate policy that values the people and the innovation. We will pursue better benefit by means of better management and innovation. We will endeavor to produce better products and we hope to enter into business relationship with friends from both home and abroad.
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